The importance of good core strength

We have many different types of muscles in our bodies that perform different jobs. Two important ones are providing movement AND providing stability. Some muscles do both, and some are more specialized at doing one or the other. Our core muscles are literally a natural ‘corset’ that protect the spine. They have more of a particular type of muscle fibre that make them perfect for the job.

Why does the core get weak
to begin with?

After an injury, abdominal surgery or simply a sedentary lifestyle, core muscles have been found in studies to ‘switch off’, meaning our body no longer activates them automatically. This leaves the spine, and sometimes other joints, vulnerable to injury and makes it very difficult to maintain good posture. These muscles can need specific re-training to get working again.

‘I don’t have any core muscles left!’

Many people find it so hard to engage their core that they feel they don’t have any core muscles, but of course they do! They just haven’t used them for a while. Other people have found it very hard to get their core strong again because they have started with exercises that are simply too hard and have become discouraged.

It’s easier than you think!

The first step is to re-learn how to activate the actual core muscles, rather than trying to use the movement muscles. With the right guidance and feedback this is quite easy and many people who had given up on their core have been happy to discover this. At Mullumbimby Integrative Physiotherapy, Martina has developed an excellent system to help with any level of weakness, beginning with ‘finding’ the muscles again, teaching how they relate to movement, strengthening and then dynamic control during daily activities.
This approach has helped numerous people over the years to regain control of their bodies, finally recover from ongoing back pain and feel strong and confident in their movement again.

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